WINDSCREEN SPECIALIST Mobile Windscreen is one of the best and topmost car windscreen specialists located in Malaysia. We stand apart in all our services such as windscreen repair, windscreen replacement, and windscreen insurance claims. We have been recognized as the windscreen specialist and windscreen panel workshop by many insurance companies of Malaysia.
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    Windscreen Repair

    Your windscreen crack can be caused by a variety of reasons such as:

    Debris dropped from the roof.

    Stone Chips threw.

    Defective Windscreen Wiper

    We have a solution for your problems at Mobile Windscreen. Our Windscreen Repair specialists are qualified enough to handle all these types of damages. All our services such as Windscreen Repair Malaysia and windscreen deep scratch repair are handled by our car windscreen specialists. We, at Mobile Windscreen, suggest you get your windscreen repaired instead of getting it replaced altogether. This is because:

    Bulls Eye

    Star Break

    Half Moon

    Edge Crack


    Stress Crack

    Combination Break

    Floater Crack

    Windscreen Replacement:

    We will attempt to patch any windscreen crack first at Mobile Windscreen, but often the damage is too extensive to repair and the whole windscreen must be replaced.

    Windshield replacement is performed by our professionally qualified technicians to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We use glass that is comparable to the original. When installing a new windscreen, we ensure that the glass meets the original's specifications and is of comparable quality.

    Mobile Windscreen merupakan kedai kereta dan pakar cermin kereta yang terbesar di Malaysia. Dengan lebih 37 cawangan di seluruh Malaysia, kami menyediakan perkhidmatan tukar cermin kereta, baiki cermin kereta dan tuntutan insuran cermin kereta. Kedai cermin kereta Mobile Windscreen boleh ditemui di KL, Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Penang dan Johor
    Mobile Windscreen telah diiktiraf sebagai bengkel pakar cermin kereta dan panel cermin kereta oleh banyak syarikat insurans di Malaysia. Cermin kereta kami dilengkapi dengan lifetime workmanship warranty. Kami memastikan kepuasaan setiap pelanggan yang mengggunakan servis tukar cermin kereta kami.

    Windscreen Insurance:

    Covers breakage of the vehicle's windscreen or window glass, as well as windscreen damage severe enough to result in a malfunction.
    Harm to the vehicle's windscreen or window glass is covered by our windscreen insurance. We shall have the cover and, if a patch is not necessary, will replace the windscreen.
    This policy is for third-party fire and theft or third party only car insurance policies without windscreen coverage. That's a different insurance policy from your main auto insurance, so it won't affect your No Claims Bonus or renewal charge if you file a complaint.
    Windscreen degradation is a common problem in automobiles. If you neglect a tiny chip or windscreen crack, it can quickly turn into something even bigger. The cost of replacing your vehicle's glass can be very high. A windscreen replacement costs between on average. Worse, a shattered windscreen can result in an MOT failure.

    What is the procedure for filing a windscreen claim?

    If your windscreen or window glass is broken, scratched, or chipped, call us to file a report. Lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    When filing a claim, you'll need to bring your insurance papers as well as your car registration documents. There could be an excess charge; see the policy wording for more details. Claims filed more than 30 days after the insurance policy's expiration date will not be considered.




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