Factors to Consider while Calculating Windscreen Replacement Cost

Budget matters and so does, quality. How would you know you’re investing your hard-earned money in the right place and for the right product? This is why we bring to you the factors to consider while calculating windscreen replacement cost.

But, first lets talk about why would you need to get your windscreen replaced in the first place.

Need for Windscreen Replacement

  • Increase Resell Value of Vehicle – You’re planning to sell your car but a crack on the windscreen won’t attract buyers. Even if it’s a small crack, it’s better to replace the entire windscreen because this way you can assure your buyer that your car is brand new. This would also increase the trust factor between you and your buyer.
  • Risk Factor – A crack on the windscreen of your car, be it a major or minor one, can result in accidents. The best solution is to get the windscreen replaced as soon as possible to avoid life-threatening situations.
  • Failed DIY (Do It Yourself) Methods – What if you try covering up the crack by yourself with tape or some other way and it doesn’t work out. Getting the windscreen replaced would be a much more convenient and quicker way to solve your problem.
  • Unavoidable temperature changes – Extreme weather conditions can lead to windscreen cracks. In this case, windscreen replacement will work wonders because such a crack needs to be repaired right away to stop it from spreading.

Now, let us look at the factors to consider while calculating windscreen replacement cost.

Level of Damage

Check the level of damage of the windscreen crack. This will help you understand the windscreen replacement cost. Whether only a part of the windscreen needs to be replaced or the entire windscreen. Windscreen replacement providers will take care of the crack as per just mentioned requirement. Sometimes, the glass of a specific area can be replaced keeping the rest of undamaged area intact. This will reduce the replacement cost to a great extent. Knowing the extent of damage

Model & Year of the Vehicle

This factor is really important because the newer the car is, the more labour and precaution, it will need for its windscreen replacement. This also helps you to get an estimate about the windscreen price. What the original cost was and how much it will cost to get it replaced. After all, no one wants to suffer losses.

Glass & its Types

Do your research about the glass used for windscreens. Cost of replacing depends a lot on the quality originally used versus what you would like to use later. If you have the option to choose a better-quality glass while windscreen replacement, go for it. Also, take care whether your budget allows it or not. Knowing about different types of glass, their quality, durability and warranty will also help in windscreen insurance claim.

Windscreen glass for vintage cars, cars of reputed brands and imported cars will cost more. On top of that, tinted windscreens will cost even more. Keeping these conditions in mind while calculating windscreen replacement cost will be of great help.

Get the job done by?

The biggest question is who to approach for windscreen replacement. Car Windscreen Specialist or your car’s company? It all depends on you, the owner actually. Sometimes, brands offer certain special services and schemes where they replace old, used parts of your car at a lesser cost. You can take advantage of them to get your entire windscreen replaced. But companies tend to promote their self-manufactured windscreens. This way you might miss out chances of getting a better-quality windscreen.

On the other hand, there are private companies dealing only in windscreen replacement. They are always on the lookout for customers. Their services can be more precise and faster because they want you to come back for additional requirements and spread the message about their business. Such car windscreen specialists will also let you know the best quality windscreen available in the market for the replacement according to your budget. Thus, helping in minimising windscreen replacement cost.

Windscreen & Wipers

Every windscreen has different properties. Imagine getting a windscreen replacement but your old wipers not suiting your new windscreen. This could lead to more problems like need for another replacement and more expenses. To avoid this, it is necessary to check the compatibility of your wipers with the new windscreen right at the spot when your car is delivered after a windscreen replacement.


What better opportunity to claim insurance than during windscreen replacement? This is why it I very important to check for terms and conditions covering windscreen replacement cost before choosing an insurance policy for your car. And if the criteria mentioned in the policy apply to your car, avail the windscreen insurance claim.

How to Stop a Windscreen Crack from Spreading

You’re driving at the assigned speed when suddenly something hits your windscreen cracking only a part of it. Before this tiny yet mighty crack spreads to your entire windscreen, let’s learn the what’s and how’s to stop it from spreading.

But you might be wondering why is it necessary to stop a windscreen crack spreading even if it’s at a corner which isn’t obstructing your view. Here’s why:

Small Crack but Big Risk!

Prevention is better than cure applies not only to diseases but also machines which have made life easier and more convenient for us. A car is one such machine which needs maintenance and care just like a human body. To safely travel in all kinds of weather, calls for safety measures as well. This includes making sure that your car has no windscreen cracks, neither minor nor major. While a major one automatically grabs the attention of car owners, minor ones are often neglected. Thereby, leading to bigger problems on the road. This might be news to many but most of the times, it is the small and neglected windscreen cracks which cause more hassle. Specially when it comes to long distance travelling. There’s also the dreadful possibility of your entire windscreen cracking in the middle of the road in an isolated area.

Subtle yet Fatal!

Even if the windscreen crack is very subtle, there is a fatal risk of the entire windscreen cracking while you’re driving endangering your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. Believe it or not, knowing how to stop a windscreen crack from spreading can actually save lives.

On that note, let’s look at the ways to stop a windscreen crack, no matter how small, from spreading.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Attempt

Using glue, tape or any other method is a temporary but quick fix. On days when you’re in a hurry to go to work, short on time or there are sudden plans, this will act as a ready made and cost-effective solution.

Keep a Windscreen Repair Kit handy

Your windscreen panel needs more than just washing it periodically. This is why keeping a windscreen repair kit with the essential tools handy is helpful. You can ask for one from your car’s company. They’ll either provide one or guide you where to buy one from. This will benefit you the most during long distance trips in case a crack appears on your windscreen out of nowhere. It is a more permanent solution and a one-time investment.

Windscreen Repair

In case, you’re not confident enough to try the above stated methods, call the experts. Yes, there are companies, both car and solely windscreen repair, which provide windscreen repair services at affordable rates. If the crack on your windscreen is not that big and you do not wish to replace it too soon, windscreen repair is the best option for you. Specially if it’s a new one or you’ve replaced it recently. Depending your location, our windscreen repair services will come to you and make your windscreen look like nothing had happened to it.

Windscreen Replacement

The permanent solution of all is to get the whole windscreen replaced if you deem it fit. A suitable method if you’ve had your car for quite a few years now. Small cracks have a higher chance of spreading in old cars as the quality of glass can deteriorate over time. If the windscreen crack is beyond repair probably because of dirt piling up around the cracked area, windscreen replacement will work the best. We also provide windscreen replacement services, click to know more. This might be a little over the budget for you but is a favourable option which will increase the resale value of your car.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Too hot or too cold is never good for the body. Similarly, the same applies in the case of vehicles and their windscreens. Looking at the problem of a windscreen crack from a scientific point of view can help prevent its spread as well. Abrupt temperature change in very hot summers, very cold summers or very humid monsoons can also lead to windscreen cracks given the properties of glass. Glass has a tendency to melt, freeze or show irregular behaviour as per its surroundings. Since weather conditions are out of our control, parking your car in places like a garage or under the shade when you’re out can prevent your windscreen from cracking on its own. Try not to park in crowded areas due to the risk of strangers causing cracks, whether on purpose or not.

These are some of the ways to stop the spread of a windscreen crack which can help you. You can also share this with a loved one you know who has been negligent towards a windscreen crack.

Know the Top 7 Causes of Windscreen Cracks and its Easy Solutions

The Windscreen Panel of any vehicle is one of the most significant parts which require a good treatment. It is through the front Windscreen Panel a driver can actually get the idea of his/her destination. A single crack or defect on the glass may hamper your driving and cause a severe accident.

Even though most of the people invest lots of money in bringing the vehicle to their home as an asset, they fail to treat it well. They often do not look into the broken or cracked windows and glasses properly. And whenever they do so it’s too late to fix.

However, everyone should be careful enough to treat the mechanical parts of their vehicles well to avoid any danger. If you do not know how to handle the mechanical parts of your vehicle gently, it may lead you to face a series of troubles. That’s why, being aware in advance of its causes and solutions may help you to avoid Windscreen cracks.

Here are top 7 factors that may cause Windscreen crack and also its solutions:

  • Uneven Gritty Roads: Travelling on the gritty, uneven or rough roads may cause a severe issue to your glass. On the gravel roads, the pebbles get ground, bounce off and may hit both the front and back glasses of your car. Instantly, it may cause such severe damages that you need to get a Windscreen shop to replace the broken glass with a new one. Therefore, make sure you drive slowly wherever you have to travel on such kinds of risky and gritty roads.


  • Accidents: If you park your car near any market, or a playground it can be as menace as a road accident. Often a ball, stone, or anything heavy hit the glass or even the body of your car also.
    Parking your car in a safe place that is distant from the crowd and market may protect it from damage. Rather than keeping your car naked, choose to cover it well whenever you have to park it in public.


  • Extreme Sunrays: Direct sunlight for a long period of time may strike the Windscreen, loosen its molecule bonds and expand its surface. It also results in several cracks on the windscreens. With due time the glass becomes damaged and hazy. Make sure whenever you park the car you do not forget to cover its glasses with a car shield to protect it from the scorching heat.


  • Following fully loaded vehicles: Most of the windscreen cracks happen due to lack of distance from the overloaded vehicles, such as garbage cars, tractors etc. They carry lots of heavy materials and if they suddenly happen to fall on the nearby car, it can crack the glass. So always try to maintain proper distance from such vehicles to protect you and your car.


  • Alternative temperature and air pressure: The way the changes of weather affect a human body, it also disturbs the natural balance of your Windscreen. You must have noticed a glass gets quickly cracked due to the extreme hot or cold environment. Similarly the sudden contraction and expansion due to fluctuating temperature and air pressure may damage the screen of your car. Manage to set the heater and defroster of your car carefully.


  • Hailstorms: While traveling in places of extreme weather, especially in rainy or winter seasons one may face sudden hailstorms. Those stones are dangerous and enough capable to break your glass completely that you need to visit a Windscreen shop to replace it. Windscreen Replacement Cost may not be affordable for everyone. So always try to halt your car in a safe place and wait for the hailstorm to settle.


  • Poor Quality of Windscreen: Due to the high range of Windscreen Price people often cannot afford to buy the standard quality of glasses. The local duplicate glasses may apparently look similar, but its manufacturing defect can cost you more money to replace it frequently. Thus it becomes prone to several Windscreen cracks and damages in your car. The original Windscreen Panel may cost you extra money but you should always choose the good quality while buying the mechanical equipment from a trusted Windscreen shop.

Internal damage due to past accidents may also reduce the strength of the glass even if you repair it well. Windscreen plays a crucial role while driving that any hair line scratch may also trouble you badly. That’s why whenever you get a serious damage in your car, call the professional and trusted mechanic to replace it without any delay.

So, these are the top seven factors that may bring scratches or severe damages to your windscreen panel. Have a regular maintenance of your car for its betterment. Also make sure you follow the suggestions accordingly to protect your car from any future damage.

Top 5 measures to take care of your car Windscreen Panel 

Windshield or Windscreen panel is the front and back glasses of a car, bus, truck, train etc. These glasses are among the most significant parts of any vehicle. While providing visibility, the front glass protects the vehicles from dust particles, rocks, insects etc. Generally, a Windscreen is made of a treated kind of transparent and laminated safety glasses. UV coating is also applied to protect you from the poisonous ultraviolet radiation and its direct exposure.

Most people make the mistake of being negligent to take initiatives of maintaining their vehicles properly. Mechanical parts always require proper maintenance on a daily basis. The Windscreen is something so essential that allows you to view the outside world. It’s through the glass a driver can actually get to know wherever he/she goes. So, it is supposed to be always crystal clear.

Due to lack of maintenance, scratchy, tinted or broken glass may hamper your driving and cause severe accidents. Once the glass is damaged, it becomes a clear sign that your car requires a good repairing. However, a regular maintenance of your car may keep the Windscreen Panel clear and mark you safe.

So, here are top 5 hacks to maintain your car Windscreen properly:

Select a proper glass cleaner: Cleaning the glasses with just plain water can never be beneficial. Water washes out the dust. Apparently it may also look clean, but the small dust particles hidden in the corners remain as it is.

Bring a proper cleanser for better servicing. A professional and ammonia-free cleanser liquid removes the dust and makes your glass more bright, shiny and transparent. Ammonia can harm the quality of its texture. Usage of harmful chemical solution may cause discolouration to your glass or make it hazy. Also, preferably try to wipe and brush your glasses every single day for best results.

Choose a soft cloth: Replace your synthetic fabric or silk cloth with a piece of cotton cloth. These can never be useful the way a microfiber cloth can be to wipe the glass and get a better cleaning.

In comparison to other materials, cotton cloth holds the water in a large amount. Its smooth texture wipes out all the dirt properly. Keep scrubbing both the front and back glasses in a circular motion and all the stains of mud, grease, bird droppings will be removed easily.

Ideal parking space: Often, people park their cars in any available random place. Parking under a tree can cause so many stains due to bird droppings or feathers, leaves, wet dirt (during rainy and winter seasons), soils, insect splatter etc. on the glasses of your car. These stains may damage your glass so badly that you cannot fix it easily. The scratches due to the damages may also hinder you to have a clear view while driving that may become a life-threatening trouble to you and whoever travels by it.
Sometimes, kids scratch on the body of the car or over the front and back glasses mischievously. They may also throw stones that cause a severe issue to your vehicle. That’s why, whenever you decide to park your car, find a safe and covered place where it will cost you no harm.

Replace wiper blades: Even if you clean the glasses properly, all your efforts may go in vain if you do not look into the wiper blades. These blades may leave streaks on the windscreens again.
After cleaning the Windscreen Panel do not forget to open the wiper blades and clean them accordingly. You can wipe out the accumulated dirt from the blades through soft, wet cloth, scrub them until it becomes clean.

Prevent streaking and smudges: Streaking and smudges can also become hindrances while cleaning your car. Try to choose a clean and dust-free area also while you are cleaning it. Akso do not run your car naked in public after cleaning it. After washing the car glasses you should wait until it becomes dry completely. Then you should fully cover it, preferably in a private space. Or else it will cause streaking and smudges once again.

However, one may need to completely replace the Windscreen Panel or the wiper blades depending upon its condition. If the damages are not in condition to fix, you can also consult a car windscreen specialist for better servicing. Repairing is always cheaper than replacement of the parts. It may require a huge amount of money which is not so affordable for everyone, especially for the middle class people. In that case they should go for the Windscreen Insurance Claim to have the maintenance properly without investing extra money.

So, do try to maintain a daily routine of cleaning up your car by yourself. And whenever you find any serious issue find a trusted mechanic who may treat it well.

Points to Consider While Hiring a car windscreen specialist

The front glass of a car that allows visibility to the driver is called the windshield or the windscreen. It is a crucial part of a vehicle since the windscreen supports the entire structure of the car. Therefore, a small crack on the windshield deserves the utmost attention, and you should not take it lightly. Experts always advise to visit a car windscreen specialist whenever you sense any damage on the front glass.

If the damage on the windscreen is small and repairable, the specialist will do the needful. However, if the damage is huge, you will have to replace the windscreen for the better safety of your car. In this writing, we will discuss some crucial points that you need to consider if your vehicle’s windscreen is damaged. So, read the points thoroughly and remember them for your future use.

Check the Quality of the Replacement Product

You should never compromise on the quality of your car’s windscreen. Therefore, if you need to replace it, it is better to opt for an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer product. OEM products are made by the original manufacturing company of your car. Therefore, they will have top-notch quality and meet all the requirements of your four-wheeler. However, many people refrain from using original products since they are quite expensive.

Non-OEM products can also be a good option for you if your budget is low. However, in that case, you should recheck the quality of the replacement product thoroughly and also go through its review online. Installing a poor-quality windscreen on your car can cost you a lot in the future. Moreover, it can lead to severe accidents or collapsing of your four-wheeler’s entire structure. So, it is better to choose a suitable product that will be worth the money you spend.

Choose a Good Windscreen Replacement Shop

Many car workshops replace windscreens, but not all of them are trustworthy. Some shops sell duplicate products of inferior quality at a lower price. You should not fall prey to these shops that sell car replacements at an exceptionally low price. Experts always advise to install the highest quality of windscreen on a car to increase the safety of the vehicle.

You should inquire about the quality of services provided by the windscreen replacement shop. It is better to learn beforehand whether you can trust the service provider or not. You can take suggestions from your friends and known ones about which replacement shop provides the best service. Reputed service providers offer a warranty for the services they provide along with the products.

Repair the Windshield if Possible

Many replacement shops offer a ‘repair first’ facility for any damaged part of a vehicle. They will make their best effort to repair the damage if possible and suggest a replacement only if the damage is not repairable. Genuine service providers have the reputation of offering this facility since they are not eager to charge you more. However, dishonest repair shops can exaggerate the small damage on your windscreen and charge you a lot.

The technician at the workshop will analyse the damage at first and then give you a genuine opinion about whether it is repairable or not. However, if the repair shop tells you to replace the windshield without examining it, you should look for another service provider. Therefore, it is best to be patient and search for a genuine windscreen replacement shop that offers the ‘repair first- facility.

Buys a Product with a Warranty Card

The windshield of a car is an expensive component, and you need to spend a lot on its replacement. Therefore, you should buy a replacement having years of warranty to avoid future expenditures. All OEM products are sold with two to five years of warranty against any damage. However, Non-OEM products do not come with a warranty card, and you need to install those products at your own risk. Hence, you need to bear all types of expenses related to the windscreen if it is damaged after installation.

A warranty card is an asset since it assures free services for any type of damage to the windshield within a definite time. Products with a lower price tag are less likely to have a warranty, and thus, you are at a higher risk of spending a lot of money in the future. Therefore, you should ensure the windshield you are installing has a warranty of at least two to five years.

Wrapping Up

You should look for a quality service provider if you are searching for windscreen repair near me. These products are highly-priced, and thus, installing the wrong windshield will make you suffer a huge loss later. Therefore, it is best to look for a reputed service provider having trained technicians and selling top-quality products.

How to Identify the Perfect windshield replacement near me?

The windshield is a crucial component of a vehicle, and you should replace it immediately if it is broken or cracked. However, choosing the perfect windshield replacement near me is a tough job since there are plenty of options in the market. You can replace the damaged windshield with an original product or opt for a duplicate one to save money.

However, using original car windscreens is advisable since they are available with a warranty. This blog will teach you how to buy the perfect windshield for your car with minimum effort. Therefore, read the points and put them to practical use while buying a windshield for your vehicle the next time.

What is Better – OEM or Non-OEM Windscreens?

OEM is the short name for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and these are genuine products manufactured by the same company that made your car. An OEM windscreen is genuine since the auto manufacturer designed it according to the features of your car. Experts advise choosing OEM products for replacing the windshield of cars. These products are manufactured from top-quality materials and have years of warranty attached to them.

Moreover, OEM windshields are designed considering the entire structure of your car. The windshield is one of the vital components of your vehicle, and thus, you should not compromise on its quality. This glass shield will support the structure of your car and offer a good layer of protection. Therefore, you should prefer buying them over Non-OEM products despite the former’s higher price.

How to Find the Best Car Service Provider for your Windshield Replacement?

You should consider replacing your old and damaged car windshield without wasting a day to avoid accidents. However, getting the perfect replacement is not an easy task since the market is filled with a plethora of choices. Therefore, you should decide well in advance whether you prefer an original product from the automaker or a NON-OEM windscreen.

After you have made the choice of the type of product, you should search for professional service providers. Finding good service providers is equally important as choosing the perfect product. Below are some vital points that will help you choose the perfect car windscreen replacement service provider near you.

Enquire the Service Provider’s Reputation

You can opt for an OEM or a Non-OEM windshield, but the service provider is the one who will install the product on your car. Therefore, you should choose a car service shop that has a good reputation and is trusted by many. Reputed service providers never compromise on the quality of their products and services. They will install 100% genuine products on your car and make it look like a new one. So, you should enquire about the reputation of a car shop in advance before availing of its services.

Search for Trained Technicians

Installing a windscreen on your car is not an easy task and demands a lot of precision. An expert technician can perform this task the best way since he is well trained and has years of experience. Besides, improper installation of a car windscreen can increase the chances of the roof’s collapsing. Therefore, you should ensure the car repair shop you visit has well-trained and experienced technicians who can deal with the job perfectly.

Ensure the Product has a Warranty

Genuine windscreens are sold in the market with a warranty, and you should not miss out on these details. A warranty card is an assurance against any defects that the windscreen might showcase in the future. If the windshield you are investing in does not offer a warranty, you are at a higher risk of paying a huge amount if the product is faulty. Therefore, you should search for a service provider that offers genuine products having at least one or two years of warranty.

Look for a ‘Repair-First’ Facility

A genuine service provider will try to repair the windshield at first if there are possible chances for the same. The technician will investigate the damage on the windscreen and try to get them okay initially. If things are not favorable, the technician will suggest you replace the auto glass.

However, car repair shops with less experience will never offer you the ‘repair first option. They will suggest you replacing the windscreen even if it can be repaired. Therefore, you should believe technicians who offer to try and repair the damaged windscreen before thinking about its replacement.

Bottom Line

A car windscreen is an expensive product, and therefore, you should enquire about the windscreen replacement cost before opting for a service. Choosing the right product and the service provider are the two most crucial tasks. You should ask your known ones for suggestions and visit the repair shop they have benefitted from. Avoiding small roadside service providers for such vital repair work can help you benefit a lot in the long run.

Steps To Be followed While Applying For Windscreen Insurance Claim

The car windscreen is an important component of your vehicle. Being made of glass, the windshield of your car can easily get cracked because of some unpredictable scenarios like damage caused by the debris, getting hit by the branch of a tree. But driving with a cracked windscreen is very dangerous and with the constant vibration of the vehicle in motion, even the smallest damage can grow eventually and can obstruct road vision. Therefore, if your car’s windshield is damaged, you should always get it repaired as early as possible. And the good news here is that getting the windscreen repaired or windscreen replacement is just a snap.

A windscreen replacement in luxury vehicles may end up burning a big hole in your pocket if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. But not all insurance policies offer this type of coverage. Windscreen damage is a part of a comprehensive vehicle insurance claim. So, if you don’t have this coverage and have the third-party liability coverage, then you have to pay the windscreen replacement cost out of your pocket.

A vehicle insurance policy that covers windscreen damage?

The comprehensive vehicle insurance policy offers coverage for all kinds of automotive issues including windscreen damage. But what is a comprehensive car insurance policy? The comprehensive insurance policy includes optional coverage that is mainly purchased on top of collision insurance. This type of policy offers coverage for protecting the vehicles from all the damages that are not only caused by other cars but also from the “act of God”. And windshield repair or replacement is one of these services that you can avail of from comprehensive vehicle insurance.
Comprehensive auto insurance offers coverage against Windscreen damages in the cases like:

1. Falling of any heavy object like coconut, rock, etc.
2. Falling of trees or branches on the glass
3. Vandalism, accident, fire, or some other man-made calamities
4. The collision of animals or bird
5. Debris and stone hitting the windscreen when driving
6. Hails falling on your car windscreen during the storm
7. Football or baseball crashing into the windscreen
8. Natural calamities like floods, thunderstorms, hailstorms, or earthquakes.

But one thing you have to remember in this case is that this insurance policy offers wholesome coverage to the vehicles, of which the glass parts are one component. So, before you plan to get this insurance coverage, go through the policy details carefully, and don’t forget to ask the insurer about the nature of the automotive glass coverage.

Now the next question is how to apply for the windscreen insurance claim. And here comes the answer.

• Once your vehicle windscreen gets damaged, inform the insurer about the said damage and file the claim for repair or replacement of the same. Besides, you can send the hard copy or can file the claim application online.
• In case your car windscreen got damaged because of vandalism, then you have to call the police first, then file and obtain the FIR copy, and then submit that claim with the insurer to avail the windscreen insurance claim.
• If the comprehensive policy comes with a cashless clause, then you have to take the vehicle to a service center, which already has a tie-up with the insurer. This will help you to avail yourself of the cashless benefits.
• The next step is to take your vehicle to your chosen garage. The experts of the garage would check the damage and will also advise whether you need to repair or replace the windscreen. Repairing or replacing the windscreen would take 30-40 minutes. And after that, your car is immediately safe to drive. But in the case of windshield replacement, the condition often depends on factors like the materials used and the weather conditions. And here the technician would inform you about the safe time to resume driving.
• Whether you need to repair it or replace it, if the accident that resulted in the damage is covered under the comprehensive policy, then the insurer will pay for the cost.
• But if you don’t want to get the vehicle fixed by any of the tie-up garages, then you can also consider getting it done from a different service provider. Doing this will ensure that you are ready to stake a claim against the insurance policy. But here you may lose the cashless feature mentioned in the policy document. Here you have to submit the bills to the insurance provider when you want the claim for reimbursement.


So, it is evident that the best way to claim windscreen insurance is through a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. But still, you should only choose an expert for getting the service instead of choosing someone less experienced. Otherwise, you will get the insurance coverage but at the same time, you would end up getting a windscreen, installed sloppily.

Tips On When To Repair Your Windshield & When To Replace The Windscreen

The windshield is one of the vital parts of the car. And once it is cracked, it is not usable, not pretty, and can result in some precarious situations. Caused by the Earth’s fauna and different types of road debris, windshield cracks are one of the most popular maintenance issues you can have with your car. So, if your car’s windshield is cracked, repairing it is cheaper than replacing it. Repairing your windscreen will depend on the factors like location, type, thickness, and size of the fissure or blemish. But according to the experts, the windscreen can only be repaired if it is smaller and shallow than 40mm in diameter. At the most, two chips can be repaired. But it is better to replace the windscreen once you notice a crack. It is because even the minor cracks aggravate within a few days.

So, here are the tips to follow before or when you repair your windshield:

1.  Decide whether it needs immediate attention: Check where the crack is located. Is it obscuring your view or off to the side? If the crack interferes with your scope to see the road, you must deal with it immediately by taking the vehicle to the windscreen shop. But if it is not improving the ability to check the road, grab the ruler.

2.  Avoid dirt and debris: One of the biggest things to protect your car windshield from is dirt. If dirt fills the crack, it would make the repair more complicated. But it never means that you have to reach for a bucket or head for the car wash. And when water seeps into the crack, the repair process converts into a complete replacement. Use clear packing tape to keep the moisture and dirt away from the crack. And it will not obscure the view as well.

3.  Avoid temperature extremes: When your car windshield has got a crack, remember that extreme cold is not good for a cracked windscreen. So, refrain from putting the defroster or air conditioner on high. Rather, moderately use the heater to defrost the windows gradually.

4.  Park your vehicle indoors to avoid the sun: If your vehicle has got a crack, and you want to repair it instead of replacing it to save windscreen price, then protect the vehicle against sun and rain. Otherwise, the windscreen would heat up and allow the crack to expand.

5.  Drive your vehicle carefully: Another effective way to ensure that the crack doesn’t get bigger before windscreen repair; you have to drive with full caution. This includes avoiding rough roads and steering clear of potholes. Besides, be careful when getting in or out of your car. Don’t slam the door or the trunk.

When to replace the windshield?

There are some instances when it becomes very important to replace your windscreen. One of the instances is that if there is a hole through the windshield, then you have to repair it ASAP. But in some cases, chips or smaller cracks can also lead to replacing your existing windshield. As per the rule of thumb, if you have 3 or more cracks in the windshield, then you have to replace it. Otherwise, the impacted windscreen would start losing the ability to withstand more impacts. Replacing the shield is also important if the crack in it is 14 inches or more than that.

Now let’s have a look at the tips for replacing your windshield effectively. You can either visit a windscreen specialist or can do the job on your own.

• Remove the trim: This is the first step to follow. Use a razor to remove it effectively while loosening the windshield.

• Remove the windshield: Once you remove the trim, the next step is to remove the AIG windscreen panel and lift it away from the vehicle. Do it carefully so that it doesn’t break.

• Clean out and make the Pinch Weld ready: After removing the windshield, the next step is to clean and prepare the pinch weld. Dust, dirt, and old urethane can build up to this place over time. Cleaning it out before installing the new windscreen is important to ensure that the new shield perfectly fits into the place.

• Apply urethane: After cleaning the pinch weld, apply urethane to the edges of the pinch weld. The urethane works as the adhesive or glue that holds the windscreen perfectly in place. So, apply it evenly while ensuring it doesn’t dry or set before the new windshield is put into the place.

• Install the new windshield: This is the last step of the windscreen replacement process. Place the new windshield carefully fitting over the hole on the car. Fit it properly within the pinch weld. Once you position it properly, push it into the place with suction bars and cups and held it there for several minutes. Remove the suction cups and bars when the urethane starts to set.

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