How to Identify the Perfect windshield replacement near me?

The windshield is a crucial component of a vehicle, and you should replace it immediately if it is broken or cracked. However, choosing the perfect windshield replacement near me is a tough job since there are plenty of options in the market. You can replace the damaged windshield with an original product or opt for a duplicate one to save money.

However, using original car windscreens is advisable since they are available with a warranty. This blog will teach you how to buy the perfect windshield for your car with minimum effort. Therefore, read the points and put them to practical use while buying a windshield for your vehicle the next time.

What is Better – OEM or Non-OEM Windscreens?

OEM is the short name for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and these are genuine products manufactured by the same company that made your car. An OEM windscreen is genuine since the auto manufacturer designed it according to the features of your car. Experts advise choosing OEM products for replacing the windshield of cars. These products are manufactured from top-quality materials and have years of warranty attached to them.

Moreover, OEM windshields are designed considering the entire structure of your car. The windshield is one of the vital components of your vehicle, and thus, you should not compromise on its quality. This glass shield will support the structure of your car and offer a good layer of protection. Therefore, you should prefer buying them over Non-OEM products despite the former’s higher price.

How to Find the Best Car Service Provider for your Windshield Replacement?

You should consider replacing your old and damaged car windshield without wasting a day to avoid accidents. However, getting the perfect replacement is not an easy task since the market is filled with a plethora of choices. Therefore, you should decide well in advance whether you prefer an original product from the automaker or a NON-OEM windscreen.

After you have made the choice of the type of product, you should search for professional service providers. Finding good service providers is equally important as choosing the perfect product. Below are some vital points that will help you choose the perfect car windscreen replacement service provider near you.

Enquire the Service Provider’s Reputation

You can opt for an OEM or a Non-OEM windshield, but the service provider is the one who will install the product on your car. Therefore, you should choose a car service shop that has a good reputation and is trusted by many. Reputed service providers never compromise on the quality of their products and services. They will install 100% genuine products on your car and make it look like a new one. So, you should enquire about the reputation of a car shop in advance before availing of its services.

Search for Trained Technicians

Installing a windscreen on your car is not an easy task and demands a lot of precision. An expert technician can perform this task the best way since he is well trained and has years of experience. Besides, improper installation of a car windscreen can increase the chances of the roof’s collapsing. Therefore, you should ensure the car repair shop you visit has well-trained and experienced technicians who can deal with the job perfectly.

Ensure the Product has a Warranty

Genuine windscreens are sold in the market with a warranty, and you should not miss out on these details. A warranty card is an assurance against any defects that the windscreen might showcase in the future. If the windshield you are investing in does not offer a warranty, you are at a higher risk of paying a huge amount if the product is faulty. Therefore, you should search for a service provider that offers genuine products having at least one or two years of warranty.

Look for a ‘Repair-First’ Facility

A genuine service provider will try to repair the windshield at first if there are possible chances for the same. The technician will investigate the damage on the windscreen and try to get them okay initially. If things are not favorable, the technician will suggest you replace the auto glass.

However, car repair shops with less experience will never offer you the ‘repair first option. They will suggest you replacing the windscreen even if it can be repaired. Therefore, you should believe technicians who offer to try and repair the damaged windscreen before thinking about its replacement.

Bottom Line

A car windscreen is an expensive product, and therefore, you should enquire about the windscreen replacement cost before opting for a service. Choosing the right product and the service provider are the two most crucial tasks. You should ask your known ones for suggestions and visit the repair shop they have benefitted from. Avoiding small roadside service providers for such vital repair work can help you benefit a lot in the long run.

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