Know the Top 7 Causes of Windscreen Cracks and its Easy Solutions

The Windscreen Panel of any vehicle is one of the most significant parts which require a good treatment. It is through the front Windscreen Panel a driver can actually get the idea of his/her destination. A single crack or defect on the glass may hamper your driving and cause a severe accident.

Even though most of the people invest lots of money in bringing the vehicle to their home as an asset, they fail to treat it well. They often do not look into the broken or cracked windows and glasses properly. And whenever they do so it’s too late to fix.

However, everyone should be careful enough to treat the mechanical parts of their vehicles well to avoid any danger. If you do not know how to handle the mechanical parts of your vehicle gently, it may lead you to face a series of troubles. That’s why, being aware in advance of its causes and solutions may help you to avoid Windscreen cracks.

Here are top 7 factors that may cause Windscreen crack and also its solutions:

  • Uneven Gritty Roads: Travelling on the gritty, uneven or rough roads may cause a severe issue to your glass. On the gravel roads, the pebbles get ground, bounce off and may hit both the front and back glasses of your car. Instantly, it may cause such severe damages that you need to get a Windscreen shop to replace the broken glass with a new one. Therefore, make sure you drive slowly wherever you have to travel on such kinds of risky and gritty roads.


  • Accidents: If you park your car near any market, or a playground it can be as menace as a road accident. Often a ball, stone, or anything heavy hit the glass or even the body of your car also.
    Parking your car in a safe place that is distant from the crowd and market may protect it from damage. Rather than keeping your car naked, choose to cover it well whenever you have to park it in public.


  • Extreme Sunrays: Direct sunlight for a long period of time may strike the Windscreen, loosen its molecule bonds and expand its surface. It also results in several cracks on the windscreens. With due time the glass becomes damaged and hazy. Make sure whenever you park the car you do not forget to cover its glasses with a car shield to protect it from the scorching heat.


  • Following fully loaded vehicles: Most of the windscreen cracks happen due to lack of distance from the overloaded vehicles, such as garbage cars, tractors etc. They carry lots of heavy materials and if they suddenly happen to fall on the nearby car, it can crack the glass. So always try to maintain proper distance from such vehicles to protect you and your car.


  • Alternative temperature and air pressure: The way the changes of weather affect a human body, it also disturbs the natural balance of your Windscreen. You must have noticed a glass gets quickly cracked due to the extreme hot or cold environment. Similarly the sudden contraction and expansion due to fluctuating temperature and air pressure may damage the screen of your car. Manage to set the heater and defroster of your car carefully.


  • Hailstorms: While traveling in places of extreme weather, especially in rainy or winter seasons one may face sudden hailstorms. Those stones are dangerous and enough capable to break your glass completely that you need to visit a Windscreen shop to replace it. Windscreen Replacement Cost may not be affordable for everyone. So always try to halt your car in a safe place and wait for the hailstorm to settle.


  • Poor Quality of Windscreen: Due to the high range of Windscreen Price people often cannot afford to buy the standard quality of glasses. The local duplicate glasses may apparently look similar, but its manufacturing defect can cost you more money to replace it frequently. Thus it becomes prone to several Windscreen cracks and damages in your car. The original Windscreen Panel may cost you extra money but you should always choose the good quality while buying the mechanical equipment from a trusted Windscreen shop.

Internal damage due to past accidents may also reduce the strength of the glass even if you repair it well. Windscreen plays a crucial role while driving that any hair line scratch may also trouble you badly. That’s why whenever you get a serious damage in your car, call the professional and trusted mechanic to replace it without any delay.

So, these are the top seven factors that may bring scratches or severe damages to your windscreen panel. Have a regular maintenance of your car for its betterment. Also make sure you follow the suggestions accordingly to protect your car from any future damage.

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