Factors to Consider while Calculating Windscreen Replacement Cost

Budget matters and so does, quality. How would you know you’re investing your hard-earned money in the right place and for the right product? This is why we bring to you the factors to consider while calculating windscreen replacement cost.

But, first lets talk about why would you need to get your windscreen replaced in the first place.

Need for Windscreen Replacement

  • Increase Resell Value of Vehicle – You’re planning to sell your car but a crack on the windscreen won’t attract buyers. Even if it’s a small crack, it’s better to replace the entire windscreen because this way you can assure your buyer that your car is brand new. This would also increase the trust factor between you and your buyer.
  • Risk Factor – A crack on the windscreen of your car, be it a major or minor one, can result in accidents. The best solution is to get the windscreen replaced as soon as possible to avoid life-threatening situations.
  • Failed DIY (Do It Yourself) Methods – What if you try covering up the crack by yourself with tape or some other way and it doesn’t work out. Getting the windscreen replaced would be a much more convenient and quicker way to solve your problem.
  • Unavoidable temperature changes – Extreme weather conditions can lead to windscreen cracks. In this case, windscreen replacement will work wonders because such a crack needs to be repaired right away to stop it from spreading.

Now, let us look at the factors to consider while calculating windscreen replacement cost.

Level of Damage

Check the level of damage of the windscreen crack. This will help you understand the windscreen replacement cost. Whether only a part of the windscreen needs to be replaced or the entire windscreen. Windscreen replacement providers will take care of the crack as per just mentioned requirement. Sometimes, the glass of a specific area can be replaced keeping the rest of undamaged area intact. This will reduce the replacement cost to a great extent. Knowing the extent of damage

Model & Year of the Vehicle

This factor is really important because the newer the car is, the more labour and precaution, it will need for its windscreen replacement. This also helps you to get an estimate about the windscreen price. What the original cost was and how much it will cost to get it replaced. After all, no one wants to suffer losses.

Glass & its Types

Do your research about the glass used for windscreens. Cost of replacing depends a lot on the quality originally used versus what you would like to use later. If you have the option to choose a better-quality glass while windscreen replacement, go for it. Also, take care whether your budget allows it or not. Knowing about different types of glass, their quality, durability and warranty will also help in windscreen insurance claim.

Windscreen glass for vintage cars, cars of reputed brands and imported cars will cost more. On top of that, tinted windscreens will cost even more. Keeping these conditions in mind while calculating windscreen replacement cost will be of great help.

Get the job done by?

The biggest question is who to approach for windscreen replacement. Car Windscreen Specialist or your car’s company? It all depends on you, the owner actually. Sometimes, brands offer certain special services and schemes where they replace old, used parts of your car at a lesser cost. You can take advantage of them to get your entire windscreen replaced. But companies tend to promote their self-manufactured windscreens. This way you might miss out chances of getting a better-quality windscreen.

On the other hand, there are private companies dealing only in windscreen replacement. They are always on the lookout for customers. Their services can be more precise and faster because they want you to come back for additional requirements and spread the message about their business. Such car windscreen specialists will also let you know the best quality windscreen available in the market for the replacement according to your budget. Thus, helping in minimising windscreen replacement cost.

Windscreen & Wipers

Every windscreen has different properties. Imagine getting a windscreen replacement but your old wipers not suiting your new windscreen. This could lead to more problems like need for another replacement and more expenses. To avoid this, it is necessary to check the compatibility of your wipers with the new windscreen right at the spot when your car is delivered after a windscreen replacement.


What better opportunity to claim insurance than during windscreen replacement? This is why it I very important to check for terms and conditions covering windscreen replacement cost before choosing an insurance policy for your car. And if the criteria mentioned in the policy apply to your car, avail the windscreen insurance claim.

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