Free Windscreen Repair


By ordering the repair service from us you are accepting the following terms and conditions:

Attending your vehicle:
When attending your vehicle, if our technician decides (using his sole and reasonable discretion) that a repair is possible, we will normally attempt to repair the vehicle windscreen.

Cosmetic appearance:
Please take note that when repairing your windscreen, we DO NOT guarantee any particular cosmetic appearance. You accept that following completion of a repair, some damage to the windscreen may still be visible. Our aim is to contain the damage and restore the original strength of the windscreen only.

We do not guarantee each windscreen repair will be successful:
Please take note that we DO NOT guarantee that an attempted repair to your windscreen will be successful in every case. Through no fault of our technicians, there is a risk of a crack appearing in the windscreen during the repair process and by ordering the Service from us, you acknowledge this risk. If a crack does appear in the windscreen during the repair process, you may ask us to replace the windscreen for you. If we agree to do this, you will have to pay us an additional amount. We will notify you verbally of that additional charge before the replacement windscreen is fitted.


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