How to Stop a Windscreen Crack from Spreading

You’re driving at the assigned speed when suddenly something hits your windscreen cracking only a part of it. Before this tiny yet mighty crack spreads to your entire windscreen, let’s learn the what’s and how’s to stop it from spreading.

But you might be wondering why is it necessary to stop a windscreen crack spreading even if it’s at a corner which isn’t obstructing your view. Here’s why:

Small Crack but Big Risk!

Prevention is better than cure applies not only to diseases but also machines which have made life easier and more convenient for us. A car is one such machine which needs maintenance and care just like a human body. To safely travel in all kinds of weather, calls for safety measures as well. This includes making sure that your car has no windscreen cracks, neither minor nor major. While a major one automatically grabs the attention of car owners, minor ones are often neglected. Thereby, leading to bigger problems on the road. This might be news to many but most of the times, it is the small and neglected windscreen cracks which cause more hassle. Specially when it comes to long distance travelling. There’s also the dreadful possibility of your entire windscreen cracking in the middle of the road in an isolated area.

Subtle yet Fatal!

Even if the windscreen crack is very subtle, there is a fatal risk of the entire windscreen cracking while you’re driving endangering your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. Believe it or not, knowing how to stop a windscreen crack from spreading can actually save lives.

On that note, let’s look at the ways to stop a windscreen crack, no matter how small, from spreading.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Attempt

Using glue, tape or any other method is a temporary but quick fix. On days when you’re in a hurry to go to work, short on time or there are sudden plans, this will act as a ready made and cost-effective solution.

Keep a Windscreen Repair Kit handy

Your windscreen panel needs more than just washing it periodically. This is why keeping a windscreen repair kit with the essential tools handy is helpful. You can ask for one from your car’s company. They’ll either provide one or guide you where to buy one from. This will benefit you the most during long distance trips in case a crack appears on your windscreen out of nowhere. It is a more permanent solution and a one-time investment.

Windscreen Repair

In case, you’re not confident enough to try the above stated methods, call the experts. Yes, there are companies, both car and solely windscreen repair, which provide windscreen repair services at affordable rates. If the crack on your windscreen is not that big and you do not wish to replace it too soon, windscreen repair is the best option for you. Specially if it’s a new one or you’ve replaced it recently. Depending your location, our windscreen repair services will come to you and make your windscreen look like nothing had happened to it.

Windscreen Replacement

The permanent solution of all is to get the whole windscreen replaced if you deem it fit. A suitable method if you’ve had your car for quite a few years now. Small cracks have a higher chance of spreading in old cars as the quality of glass can deteriorate over time. If the windscreen crack is beyond repair probably because of dirt piling up around the cracked area, windscreen replacement will work the best. We also provide windscreen replacement services, click to know more. This might be a little over the budget for you but is a favourable option which will increase the resale value of your car.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Too hot or too cold is never good for the body. Similarly, the same applies in the case of vehicles and their windscreens. Looking at the problem of a windscreen crack from a scientific point of view can help prevent its spread as well. Abrupt temperature change in very hot summers, very cold summers or very humid monsoons can also lead to windscreen cracks given the properties of glass. Glass has a tendency to melt, freeze or show irregular behaviour as per its surroundings. Since weather conditions are out of our control, parking your car in places like a garage or under the shade when you’re out can prevent your windscreen from cracking on its own. Try not to park in crowded areas due to the risk of strangers causing cracks, whether on purpose or not.

These are some of the ways to stop the spread of a windscreen crack which can help you. You can also share this with a loved one you know who has been negligent towards a windscreen crack.

Steps To Be followed While Applying For Windscreen Insurance Claim

The car windscreen is an important component of your vehicle. Being made of glass, the windshield of your car can easily get cracked because of some unpredictable scenarios like damage caused by the debris, getting hit by the branch of a tree. But driving with a cracked windscreen is very dangerous and with the constant vibration of the vehicle in motion, even the smallest damage can grow eventually and can obstruct road vision. Therefore, if your car’s windshield is damaged, you should always get it repaired as early as possible. And the good news here is that getting the windscreen repaired or windscreen replacement is just a snap.

A windscreen replacement in luxury vehicles may end up burning a big hole in your pocket if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. But not all insurance policies offer this type of coverage. Windscreen damage is a part of a comprehensive vehicle insurance claim. So, if you don’t have this coverage and have the third-party liability coverage, then you have to pay the windscreen replacement cost out of your pocket.

A vehicle insurance policy that covers windscreen damage?

The comprehensive vehicle insurance policy offers coverage for all kinds of automotive issues including windscreen damage. But what is a comprehensive car insurance policy? The comprehensive insurance policy includes optional coverage that is mainly purchased on top of collision insurance. This type of policy offers coverage for protecting the vehicles from all the damages that are not only caused by other cars but also from the “act of God”. And windshield repair or replacement is one of these services that you can avail of from comprehensive vehicle insurance.
Comprehensive auto insurance offers coverage against Windscreen damages in the cases like:

1. Falling of any heavy object like coconut, rock, etc.
2. Falling of trees or branches on the glass
3. Vandalism, accident, fire, or some other man-made calamities
4. The collision of animals or bird
5. Debris and stone hitting the windscreen when driving
6. Hails falling on your car windscreen during the storm
7. Football or baseball crashing into the windscreen
8. Natural calamities like floods, thunderstorms, hailstorms, or earthquakes.

But one thing you have to remember in this case is that this insurance policy offers wholesome coverage to the vehicles, of which the glass parts are one component. So, before you plan to get this insurance coverage, go through the policy details carefully, and don’t forget to ask the insurer about the nature of the automotive glass coverage.

Now the next question is how to apply for the windscreen insurance claim. And here comes the answer.

• Once your vehicle windscreen gets damaged, inform the insurer about the said damage and file the claim for repair or replacement of the same. Besides, you can send the hard copy or can file the claim application online.
• In case your car windscreen got damaged because of vandalism, then you have to call the police first, then file and obtain the FIR copy, and then submit that claim with the insurer to avail the windscreen insurance claim.
• If the comprehensive policy comes with a cashless clause, then you have to take the vehicle to a service center, which already has a tie-up with the insurer. This will help you to avail yourself of the cashless benefits.
• The next step is to take your vehicle to your chosen garage. The experts of the garage would check the damage and will also advise whether you need to repair or replace the windscreen. Repairing or replacing the windscreen would take 30-40 minutes. And after that, your car is immediately safe to drive. But in the case of windshield replacement, the condition often depends on factors like the materials used and the weather conditions. And here the technician would inform you about the safe time to resume driving.
• Whether you need to repair it or replace it, if the accident that resulted in the damage is covered under the comprehensive policy, then the insurer will pay for the cost.
• But if you don’t want to get the vehicle fixed by any of the tie-up garages, then you can also consider getting it done from a different service provider. Doing this will ensure that you are ready to stake a claim against the insurance policy. But here you may lose the cashless feature mentioned in the policy document. Here you have to submit the bills to the insurance provider when you want the claim for reimbursement.


So, it is evident that the best way to claim windscreen insurance is through a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. But still, you should only choose an expert for getting the service instead of choosing someone less experienced. Otherwise, you will get the insurance coverage but at the same time, you would end up getting a windscreen, installed sloppily.

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