Measures to take care of your Windscreen Panel

Top 5 measures to take care of your car Windscreen PanelĀ 

Windshield or Windscreen panel is the front and back glasses of a car, bus, truck, train etc. These glasses are among the most significant parts of any vehicle. While providing visibility, the front glass protects the vehicles from dust particles, rocks, insects etc. Generally, a Windscreen is made of a treated kind of transparent and laminated safety glasses. UV coating is also applied to protect you from the poisonous ultraviolet radiation and its direct exposure.

Most people make the mistake of being negligent to take initiatives of maintaining their vehicles properly. Mechanical parts always require proper maintenance on a daily basis. The Windscreen is something so essential that allows you to view the outside world. It’s through the glass a driver can actually get to know wherever he/she goes. So, it is supposed to be always crystal clear.

Due to lack of maintenance, scratchy, tinted or broken glass may hamper your driving and cause severe accidents. Once the glass is damaged, it becomes a clear sign that your car requires a good repairing. However, a regular maintenance of your car may keep the Windscreen Panel clear and mark you safe.

So, here are top 5 hacks to maintain your car Windscreen properly:

Select a proper glass cleaner: Cleaning the glasses with just plain water can never be beneficial. Water washes out the dust. Apparently it may also look clean, but the small dust particles hidden in the corners remain as it is.

Bring a proper cleanser for better servicing. A professional and ammonia-free cleanser liquid removes the dust and makes your glass more bright, shiny and transparent. Ammonia can harm the quality of its texture. Usage of harmful chemical solution may cause discolouration to your glass or make it hazy. Also, preferably try to wipe and brush your glasses every single day for best results.

Choose a soft cloth: Replace your synthetic fabric or silk cloth with a piece of cotton cloth. These can never be useful the way a microfiber cloth can be to wipe the glass and get a better cleaning.

In comparison to other materials, cotton cloth holds the water in a large amount. Its smooth texture wipes out all the dirt properly. Keep scrubbing both the front and back glasses in a circular motion and all the stains of mud, grease, bird droppings will be removed easily.

Ideal parking space: Often, people park their cars in any available random place. Parking under a tree can cause so many stains due to bird droppings or feathers, leaves, wet dirt (during rainy and winter seasons), soils, insect splatter etc. on the glasses of your car. These stains may damage your glass so badly that you cannot fix it easily. The scratches due to the damages may also hinder you to have a clear view while driving that may become a life-threatening trouble to you and whoever travels by it.
Sometimes, kids scratch on the body of the car or over the front and back glasses mischievously. They may also throw stones that cause a severe issue to your vehicle. That’s why, whenever you decide to park your car, find a safe and covered place where it will cost you no harm.

Replace wiper blades: Even if you clean the glasses properly, all your efforts may go in vain if you do not look into the wiper blades. These blades may leave streaks on the windscreens again.
After cleaning the Windscreen Panel do not forget to open the wiper blades and clean them accordingly. You can wipe out the accumulated dirt from the blades through soft, wet cloth, scrub them until it becomes clean.

Prevent streaking and smudges: Streaking and smudges can also become hindrances while cleaning your car. Try to choose a clean and dust-free area also while you are cleaning it. Akso do not run your car naked in public after cleaning it. After washing the car glasses you should wait until it becomes dry completely. Then you should fully cover it, preferably in a private space. Or else it will cause streaking and smudges once again.

However, one may need to completely replace the Windscreen Panel or the wiper blades depending upon its condition. If the damages are not in condition to fix, you can also consult a car windscreen specialist for better servicing. Repairing is always cheaper than replacement of the parts. It may require a huge amount of money which is not so affordable for everyone, especially for the middle class people. In that case they should go for the Windscreen Insurance Claim to have the maintenance properly without investing extra money.

So, do try to maintain a daily routine of cleaning up your car by yourself. And whenever you find any serious issue find a trusted mechanic who may treat it well.

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